Marine Surveyors and Consultants

Vessels surveys

  • Vessel condition survey
  • Bunker survey
  • Vessel draft survey
  • Vessel cleanliness surveys
  • Vessel pre-purchase surveys
  • Tanker survey



Cargo surveys

  • Discharge supervision of project cargo

  • Bulk cargo
  • Break bulk cargo
  • Project cargo
  • Containers and contents
  • Liquid cargo


Casualty investigations

  • Cargo shift
  • Vessel damage
  • Personal injuries
  • Collisions y groundings
  • Berth Damage



Loss prevention

  • Monitoring of reefer containers during stuffing at port
  • Pre-shipment inspection of reefer unit operation
  • Antidrug inspection at port
  • Pre-shipment inspection of controlled atmosphere containers

Efficiency in Action
Certinspec is an independent professional surveying and consultancy bureau delivering services in areas such as Vessel Surveys, Cargo Surveys, Loss Prevention and Casualty Investigation. The firm is based in Guayaquil, Ecuador but it operates in any Ecuadorian Port and throughout this country. Certinspec’s reputation for excellence is founded upon one of our core principles which is to ensure that the highest standards of integrity and efficacy are offered to our clients on a personal, and professional, basis.


Where there is a need within the shipping industry and in the transportation of goods Certinspec has responded with unique specialized services. In this regard Certinspec’s expertise has been called upon to assist clients across all the spectrum of the shipping sector.


Whatever the commodity, or type of vessel, container or trailer; Certinspec has the expertise available to undergo surveys on your behalf.


Maintaining operational effectiveness is key to any business within the supply chain. The staff of Certinspec have been assisting their clients do just that by their expertis e in preventing huge monetary losses relating to cargo quantity, cargo quality and demurrage.


Whatever the commodity, or marine claim area, Certinspec the expertise available from a team of experts for undergoing surveys, on a full "cause, nature and extent" basis and operating from various locations all around Ecuador.

Together with our "personal and professional service", which has been our "approach" from the beginning, Certinspec is continuing in its commitment to offer clients an extremely high quality and valuable service.